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Crossbow XBC 420 CAMO- 200 # - 405 FPS - Full Kit - Skorpion (55L965)
Crossbow XBC 420 CAMO- 200 # - 405 FPS - Full Kit - Skorpion (55L965)

Crossbow XBC 420 CAMO- 200 # - 405 FPS - Full Kit - Skorpion (55L965)

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4X32  Optic.
Adjustable rubberized tactical stock.
Anti Dry Fire System
Stopper for the ropes

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Crossbow XBC 420 Full Kit
Skorpion (55M254)
CAMO  color

Leverage: 200 #
Power Stroke: 14.5 ""
Speed: 405fps (feet / second)
Weight: 3.5 Kg

The package contains:
Dampers for rope.
4X32  Optic.
Anti-Dry Fire System
Quiver for 5 side darts.
4  carbon darts 20 ""
Cord loaders.
Carrying strap.
Adjustable rubberized tactical stock.
Trigger handle covered in soft rubber

The Skorpion XBC420 crossbow is the maximum expression of technology and presatations at Mankung.
Each piece is finished down to the smallest detail: From the CNC-machined aluminum rail to the ergonomic and adjustable stock, all in a compact size structure that reaches only 30 cm in width, during loading.
Many years of experience in the archery field have allowed Skorpion to push itself to the limit, to make the most of the new quad-limb bow and reach the incredible speed of 405fps.
The high power does not sacrifice precision and silence thanks to the new patented trigger, stoppers and vibration dampers.

The XBC420 crossbow will allow you to shoot at distances never reached while maintaining high kinetic energy to always hit the target at maximum power. Free the Kraken!

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