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Super handy Leatherman for people with a fondness
It is all parts and parcel is history when a product was sufficient to fulfill the need, these products were so simple that you did not feel the need for choices. However, rapid technological development has opened the doors for research and innovation, along with a noticeable boost in the demands. Accessories or currently known as supports were perceived to be solely an additional component that assists you in the better accomplishment of the target in the past. However, today the tables have turned, and supports get equal attention to the underlying product. Now people who enjoy airsoft game, hiking, hunting, traveling along or late-night travel inevitably carry an array of accessories, especially a knife and other products for cutting and self-defense purposes. So allow me to introduce you to multifunctional Leatherman. An all in one product that can satisfy your multiple needs:
Leatherman Skeletool ® Black & Silver (LTG832629) LIMITED EDITION
The Leatherman Skeletool ® Black & Silver (LTG832629) LIMITED EDITION is the latest addition to the family and is getting a crazy amount of love from people all over the world. This limited-edition beauty encompasses everything you are looking for. At merely five grams, the Leather Man Skeletool has a stainless steel blade, pliers, driver bits, removable pocket clip, and carabiner or bottle opener. This Skeletool is precisely everything you need one beautiful package. Available at this moment in a limited edition finish, black and stainless steel you can't resist the charm and utility of this one. Moving down to the specifications, the 142 grams or 5 oz (to be precise) product is 4 cm when closed while 10 cm when open. Its blade is 6.60 cm long; this can certainly help you in various ways. Furthermore, listing down the tools this beauty has a whole range of tools catering multiple needs to the daily routine.
Needle nose pliers
The product is flawless for holding small objects or using pliers in tight spaces.
02. Regular pliers
It can assist you with keeping and manipulating objects comfortably.
03. Solid wire drills
You can conveniently cut the electric cables.
04. Cutters
Feel free to reduce the common gauge wire with this durable edge-holding tool.
05. 420HC knife
It cuts accurately and through rough materials with a straight and serrated blade.
06. Carabiner / Bottle Opener
You can use this tool as a clip or bottle opener.
07. Large bit driver
Quickly change the full-size bits to customize your multi-instrument.
Moving on to the features, the manufacturers will not disappoint you as they have designed this product in a way that it ensures maximum benefits to the consumers. Some of its functionalities are:
Manage bit storage
Keep Leatherman tooltips comfortably in the handle of your multi-instrument to provide easy access in the middle of a job, or to keep safe when not in use.
02. Blade block
The product has a knife blade that locks in place when it is fully deployed. Furthermore, a user must manually unlock the edge to fold it which guarantees a much safer and comfortable user experience.
03. Replaceable pocket clip
There is a removable clip that allows the user to wear the multi-tool attached to a pocket or a passer-by without the use of a sheath, through removing the clip, the user can transport your instrument in a sheath, much conveniently.
04. Functionality accessible from the outside
This multi-function features available tools even when multi-use is located in its position folded or closed, mimicking the functionality of a pocket knife.
05. Functions that can be used with one hand
Each function of this instrument can be opened and used with one hand. This feature allows the user to keep the other free hand for situations that require them
Finally the elephant of the room which is the price set for this one not a penny beyond your means. The brand makes sure that its products are easy to operate and well within reach of a commoner.

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