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Wenger Multi Tools

Wenger Multi Tools
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Multi-functional Wenger / Victorinox Multi-Tool
Besides serving as a helping hand in the kitchen, knives tend to assist us in numerous ways. Moreover, people have a habit of collecting different things; some collect coins while some collect stones. However, today we have seen multiple people collecting knives. Yes, some people do have a fondness towards collecting different quality knives. Yet, the constant urge of human nature of coming up with something innovative has opened the doors to new technologies and better products which help us achieving multiple goals through one product. This article is dedicated explicitly to the winger multi-tool. An all in one kit which is the ultimate solution to the majority of your problems, so without further ado let’s get started:
Multipurpose MY FIRST BLU Victorinox
First up in our list is the multi-purpose knife by the brand Victorinox, the Multipurpose MY FIRST BLU Victorinox in one solution to all your needs especially while traveling. The Swiss made multiuser knife has whopping 12 functions so your perfect outdoor companion. The multipurpose pocket knife is designed with a rounded tip suitable for children red thin grips so that you do not need to worry while your child gets hold over it in case. Moreover, it's Blades, and various tools are made in stainless steel. This blue colored knife has ABS or Collider grips. Moving on to the functions, so the beauty has multiple features which are listed below:
a large blade without tip
multi-function tool
can opener
capsule lever
spread wires
Three key rings
Four tweezers
Five toothpicks
Six saws for wood
Seven chain
8 cup holders
This 15 mm high, and 84 mm long multipurpose knife is merely 60 grams in weight. Also, the unlimited warranty provided by Victorinox for defects in materials or artistry so feels free to order this beauty. Moreover, the best part about this knife is that it is minimal in terms of pricing so grab this original Victorinox product at this instant. Lastly, it is our duty to inform you that due to Ordinance 122 of 04/07/2018 provides for the online purchases of BOWS, CROSSBOWS, BLANK PISTOLS, CUTLERY, and ANTI-AGGRESSION SPRAYS the obligation to:
insert document type and number
issuing authority and place of issue
18 years ago;
Without the requested documentation it is not possible to proceed with the shipment.
Multipurpose Soldier's Knife Latest Version
The Multipurpose Soldier's Knife Latest Version is another product of the Swiss company Victorinox which is even stronger and useful as compared to the previous one. The latest version of the Swiss soldier knife is even stronger, lighter and more functional than ever. The uniquely designed its ten functions and the hips high grip component makes this by 111 mm knife can quickly deal with any challenge. The blades and various tools are made up of stainless steel along with them. Two-component grips for superior grip. The green colored knife has a whole range of functions Inbuilt for professional use, some of them are:
big wavy blade with a block
reamer, awl
screwdriver 5 mm, lockable
Wood hacksaw
Phillips screwdriver 1 - 2
screwdriver 3 mm
The multipurpose knife is 18 mm high, with 111 mm length, and 131 grams weight. Moreover, the best part of this beauty is that the complete lifetime warranty provided by Victorinox for defects in materials or craft. For the final note, the price set is so minimal that you all the certainly afford one, so what are you waiting for, book your order before it runs out of stock.

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